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Galaxy of Stars Events
Fastpitch Softball Showcases & Clinics


1. No players, team coaches or parents/spectators will be allowed in any areas designated "College Coaches Only". This includes in any Hospitality Tents and Scouting Areas behind each field's backstop.
2. No parking is allowed in areas that are designated as "Event Staff Parking Only" and "College Coach Parking Only".
3. Check In: Please check in at the park gate where you play your first game. The check in should only be a few minutes, but plan on 15 minutes in case we get backed up.
4. Arrival Time: Arrive at your field ready to go at least 30 minutes ahead of game time. The first game will start on time (weather permitting) and all following games may start up to 30 minutes early, provided the opportunity presents itself.
5. Warm-Up Area: Pre-game warm-up is to be conducted only in grassy areas between or near the fields. Any teams may use these allowed areas. There is to be no throwing of balls or batting directly next to the sidewalk areas or into any permanent/temporary fences. Any player warming up a pitcher must wear a catcher's mask. Please do warm-ups safely and be mindful of spectators. NOTE - CITY RULE: Warm-up behind the temporary 200' fences is NOT allowed. Warm-up on football or soccer fields is NOT allowed.
6. Showcase Rules: Official game will end at 7 innings or time limit. Teams are required to turn in a lineup sheet to the umpires prior to the start of the game. Teams may use unlimited defensive substitution and bat 11 players. You must report your batting order changes.
7. Tournament Playing Rules: modified NCAA rules will be followed.
8. Home Team Determination: During Showcase and Pool Play games a coin flip performed by the umpire, at the pre-game meeting at the plate, will determine the home team. During Single Elimination Tournament the higher seed will be home team.
9. Run Ahead Rule: 12 runs after 3 innings. 10 runs after 4 innings. 8 runs after 5 innings.
10. Drop Dead Rule: If time expires before the inning is completed, the game is over immediately (Drop Dead) upon finishing the batter. The score will revert to the last complete inning, unless the home team is up to bat and have tied or are ahead in the score.
11. ITB: If seven innings have finished and a tie exists, the ITB rule will be use. However if a tie exists at the end of the time limit during Pool Play, the game will be recorded as a tie.
12. Tie-Breaking Procedure: Run Differential. Tie-Breaking procedure will be used to determine champions if we can't play Sunday's Single Elimination Tournament.
13. Protest: Protests will be handled in accordance to PONY and ASA rules. Protests will require a $300 fee in cash at the time of protest. If your protest is upheld, the fee will be refunded. No protest will be allowed on Showcase Games.
14. Weather Contingencies: In case of uncontrollable circumstances or interruptions due to the weather, the Event Director reserves the right to alter the Game Format in any way necessary to reach a conclusion. This can include, but may not be limited to, shortened game times, fewer games guaranteed or playing rule changes. Games interrupted might not be resumed. Everything possible will be done to get the players on the field as soon as possible. It is ultimately the responsibility of the Team Managers and Coaches to verify their schedule daily to make sure that no changes have been made.
15. Updates: Please be sure that each team has 2 cell phone numbers turned in so we can reach your team to provide updates. These 2 people are responsible in relaying any updates to your full team when received. We try to keep last minute updates to a minimum.
16. Unsportsmanlike Conduct: I want to stress sportsmanship at all times. Managers and Coaches are responsible for their own conduct and for that of the Players, Assistants and Team Spectators. Abusive language and/or unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated in any degree.
17. Cancellation/Refund Policy: Teams that cancel 45 days before the scheduled first game will be charged a $350 cancellation fee. After the game schedule has been completed, teams that cancel will forfeit all rights to a refund. Also, there will be no refund of Entry Fess due to uncontrollable circumstances, such as weather or not complying with event rules. A future credit will be offered only for practice games due to inclement weather, please note those credits will only be available to your team non-transferable up to one year.
18. Hotel Policy: It is mandatory that all out of town teams book their hotel rooms through our hotel coordinators, Susan or Barbara with Showcase, LLC. Failure to do so will result in a $25 per player penalty (not to exceed $350). Out of town teams are those outside a 60 mile radius of event location. Teams are only allowed to stay at event sanctioned hotels; these hotels give your team a reduced rate for the event and reduced rate rooms for the college coaches. Teams are not to call or contact hotels directly or through the internet. Any hotel room cancellations must be made no later than 2 weeks prior to event; this is a tourist area and hotels need cancellations well in advance in order to accommodate rooms lost with enough time to book tourists that are interested in staying in the Virginia Beach area. For more information on how to book your hotel, please visit our Book Hotels Menu Tab.
19. No glass containers and no alcoholic beverages are allowed at the parks. No smoking is allowed within the ball field area; you must go outside the gates of the complexes to a designated smoking area (City Rule).
20. Please assist in keeping the dugouts clean for the next tea but picking up your trash after the game and placing it in the receptacle provided in the dugout.
21. No pop-up tents are allowed within 300' of the fences at Princess Anne Athletic Complex (CIty Rule).
22. No parking on the grass at any of the ball field sites (City Rule).
23. Parks open at 7am (City Rule).
24. Pets are permitted at City View Park. Per City Rules, they must be on a leash and must be cleaned up after.
25. Scoreboards will be available to use during games. If there is a family member of either team that can operate them, it would be helpful. Thanks!
26. Event Committee Rights: The Event Committee reserves the right to qualify or disqualify any team, any player or any individual associated with the participating team to preserve the integrity of the Event. Upon disqualification, for any reason, the team, players and/or parents forfeit the right to participate in the Event and lose all games scheduled; team, players, coaches and parents are dismissed from the park premises including: fields and parking lots.
27. The City has total control of the ball fields, the Event Staff is not allowed to work on any of the fields. The City also determines whether the fields will be playable due to weather.

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